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Everyones Got Baggage


Everyone's got baggage

Debbie Wingham's art debut “Everyone Has Baggage” was held at the 5-star Kempinksi hotel in Marbella. The title is derived from something that happened by chance.


In the midst of her painting revelation, she run out of canvas and couldn’t get a delivery out in the remote area she lives quick enough during covid, so she looked for alternative options. She found paper bags which she upcycled, and they became her canvas, she began to paint celebrity portraits, just at random at first until she had finished a series and she released that all these icons had something in common.

They were all celebrities that have had open battles with mental wellbeing, learning disabilities or that have endured true hardships in their lives. That’s when the title became clear to Debbie and the plan for her first showcase began to evolve. She knew that charity had to play a big part because mental health issues really came to light during covid and that was a key part of her planning.


For a start, the portrait range painted on bags are being donated to the celebrities or the celebrity estates that are featured in the range these include Jane Fonda, Kylie Jenner, Alexander McQueen, Princess Diana and Nicky Minaj to name a few. A number of these celebrities have already appointed a charity for them to be auctioned off, in support of the mental wellbeing charity of their choice.


On a literal level, the art showcase acknowledged that we do all have baggage, some carry more than others. Some choose never to unpack that baggage; others address this baggage over a period. The sculptures and the canvas paintings address this matter in an ironic sense, bringing a positive take to mental wellness, inner strength, and our ability to overcome situations. Sculptures Many of The sculptures were based on the Hermes Birkin bag, WHY?


Wingham said, “Not just because it’s the most exclusive bag in the world but it’s the most notoriously difficult bag to open and close, perfect reference for keeping that baggage firmly closed.” Each sculpture referenced a different state of mind. A giant brick bag with the silhouette of a woman trying to blow a hole through the bag using a bazooka, another featured an LV hair dryer directed at a melting bag, dubbed “Melting Point” others included a wood Hermes with an LV Axe right through the middle of it and then the final piece in the series a fully open Hermes in a sky print, symbolising freedom, featuring a lavish flower bouquet embodying liberty The Hermes inspired bag collection all made in recycled metal or reclaimed wood.

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