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Time Peace Collection


The Time Peace Colleciton

During the second lockdown, Wingham began painting in oil, like so many people she longed to travel and since she couldn’t she went on her trip through her art.


Dubai is Debbie’s muse, much of her work carries an undertone of middle eastern influence and her infinity with Dubai evolved into creating “Dubai through the years”, which are a series of 3 paintings of Dubai past present and future.


Debbie felt so inspired about the concept of time and time was the one thing we all had a lot of during the pandemic and this and the lengthy lockdown gave Wingham a chance to extend the Time paintings series.


She started a whole new range which she dubbed “The time peace collection” (as opposed to timepiece) the collection is somewhat surreal with an undertone of Alice in wonderland.


The frames are all unique in style and size and hand-sculpted, all in the shape of a vintage clock, or handheld watch. Made from salvage metals including real silver, upcycled iron and steel.


The meaning behind the paintings and the titles are particularly timely, if you pardon the pun.


All things that the world has endured during this time and how we are healing and growing from the experience.


One is called “Time for world peace “for example, “Protect the hands of time” and “Time to step out of the darkness”. Some of the titles might sound macabre but the imagery tells a different story, a tale of hope, unity, belief, and growth.

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