The Queen of World's Most Expensive

Debbie Wingham is a world-renowned multimedia artist. She started her career in haute couture, went on to swap fabric for fondant and conquered the world of sugar artists and she is ever-evolving…….Nowadays, Debbie is best known as the “Queen of the Worlds Most Expensive”.

She is a self-confessed advocate for over the top, larger than life installations and switches between art forms constantly.  With a global following and more than 50 TV shows under her belt and above 100 magazine covers.

She is one of the few artists in the world to be celebrated for so many different art forms, whether in silk, metal,  emu eggs, chocolate or even oil paint. She often features upcycled materials and is a leader in Eco-Luxury. One of her latest projects, presented in December 2021 was the most expensive advent calendar which received global media attention and featured original oils and fine art sculptures. This art installation created for a private client was published in renowned press outlets such as The New York Post, the BBC, Al Jazeera to name just a few and generated over 2 million euros in PR value.

Some of her esteemed pieces include the black diamond dress, red diamond abaya, world’s most expensive shoes and bag. She even carries the accolade for the world’s most expensive Christmas tree. Her work goes viral regularly and some of her clients include Justin Bieber, Drake, Katy Perry, Dubai Tourism, Kempinski Group and Accor Hotel Group.

During 2021, Wingham made the transition to full-time painting, her debut, ‘Everyone's Got Baggage`, was presented in Marbella and critically acclaimed around the world. The exposition gave a positive take on mental health, demonstrating strength and growth after the Covid 19 pandemic with all revenue going to various mental health charities.

Rapidly followed up by a collaboration with Dubai Tourism producing the world’s most expensive frame and most recently the world’s most expensive advent calendar.

In the summer of 2022, Wingham will be teaming up with Puerto Banus to produce the million euro maritime mural which will be on display from May 2022 through to the end of the summer