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The Birth of the Drip

The drip bag was first conceptualised because a client from Abu Dhabi approached Debbie about creating a version of a Hermes Birkin  but in solid gold.


whilst creating the bag Debbie knew it had to be softly inspired by one of the most desirable bags in the world yet retain a unique wingham edge.


That was when Winghams love for Salvador Dali came into play, she figured giving the bag a Dali drip or melting effect would not only give a contemporary feel but also it depicts a tale about the fashion industry.


We all know how one day somethings hot and the next day its not in the fashion world, how many trends melt away? how many hand bags are the must have one season,  then the next season you wouldn't be seen dead carrying it. 

Well there is one fashion item in the whole world that will never suffer the wrath of the  fashion police, it will never date and it retains it value and that's a Hermes Birkin.

The Drip embodies the irony of commercialism 

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