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The Drip Collection 

Debbie's extraordinary journey from humble beginnings to global recognition in the art world is nothing short of inspiring. As a council estate kid, she defied the odds and catapulted her first love of fashion into an iconic art collection that has taken the world by storm.

After becoming famous for creating a series of the “World’s Most Expensive” items, including objects d’art, shoes, dresses, accessories and even cakes, she made the transition into the world of fine art in 2021. Revealing the first of many pieces from the critically acclaimed ‘Drip Series’ inspired by her first love, fashion, and taking into consideration the shifting backdrop of the fickle industry that it is, she decided to bring a hint of sarcasm to modern day status symbols, giving them a new silhouette, one that is becoming synonymous with the Wingham name, “The Drip Effect”

 The first piece in the Drip Series was the Birkin-inspired ‘drip bag’. It was intended as a one-of-a-kind piece in solid gold for a client in Abu Dhabi, but she soon saw the potential for a diffused range. Using numerous finishes, it is an ever-evolving series.

Her innate creativity and innovative approach have earned her a well-deserved place in the spotlight, with her designs being featured on prestigious TV networks such as the BBC, Apple TV, E! Entertainment, CNN, and RTL.


She even graced the pages of Forbes magazine last year as one of the most influential artists to successfully merge fashion and art.


What truly sets Debbie's collection apart is her clever theme of challenging modern-day status symbols and giving them the impression of melting away or “The Drip Effect” This concept not only showcases her admiration for Salvador Dali but also reflects her own journey from a modest upbringing, as a coal miners daughter to achieving global recognition in the luxury world. It is a nod to her roots and a testament to her resilience and determination in overcoming obstacles to realise her dreams.


Recently The Drip Series as grown both in size with a series giant Drip bags and as evolved from the Birkin silhouette into a Classic Chanel design along with “Drippy Kicks” taking the form of a high-top sneaker and a Rolex inspired time piece titled “Drippy Wrist” the new additions certainly appeal to a broader market of collectors solidifying her place as a trailblazer in the art industry.

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